Monday, 30 April 2012

Proper storage for clothes and pantalon

Proper storage of clothes and pantalons before the summer needs to be simple things you can take to keep up the quality of your clothes 
1 - clothing store bags and even games that can put your all, including some special flowers or envelopes that prevent rot, as well as you can that the authors of black pepper only a few seeds between the clothes moth away and cloves 
2 -Application and the suspension of his clothes in the art of Treasury assets and has another with skirts as well as some clothes each type separately making it easier for you to get a fantastic form and space and do not forget the finest form more splendid, if two layers of clothing as well as uniform and also the wide area
3 -To forget that to cover the clothes with a plastics and if you do not have laundry bags are great for clothing store that you wanna If you have a reservoir you use is not 

4 -Canvas shelves and a wonderful time of the divided storage and lingerie In it you can use them convenience and ease of use all well
5 -If you keep your clothing, pantalon and bedspreads you can pull the air vacuumed to keep it of course, smell and shape after washing and dry full or keep it in plastic bags
6 -It can also put your cardboard between the clothing to help them out in time of need.

Tips for summer wear hijab

The women who wear Hijab in the summer clothes of a special character so as not to cause illnesses are in need.
1 -Choose 100% cotton clothing, which does not enter by any other material that may affect the skin, because with the summer and high air temperature increases the secretion of sweat especially for the large number of veiled wear the clothes.
2 Took into account that your clothes are loose, especially if the design were not cotton, so as not to cause friction to clothing your skin diseases You are in quite indispensable.
3 -The Hijab should wear cotton under bandana the Hijab on the head to absorbs sweat until the scalp, not dandruff befallen you, which appear frequently in the summer.
4 -Prefer not to resort to scarfs in the summer so as not to feel warmly over the air, as well as in the case the stretch body can be replaced
Wrist canvas.
5 -Must be your underwear cotton completely, especially those wearing while you are away from home, and finally rejected to be made ​​of other materials so as not to any skin infections.
6 -Stay away as possible from the colored underwear or take change color, because with the mixed race may stain your skin and cause to be overly sensitive.

Fashion when women become mother

Fashion when women become the mother of course is different from being a Miss or still do not have children there is a group of things to consider when you choose to wear.1 -Clothing should be loose so as to allow the possibility to move easily with their children especially if they are young, taking into account that not be loose so as not to significantly impeded the movement is not hampered by the appropriate during the run and play with their children.2 -But if any new mother that her child must choose a baby sweaters or dresses the front aperture which allows it to breast-feed small at any time when the milk3 -Here, too, must also take into account selection of clothes with dark colors because the young child may get some milk out of his mouth, which could spoil your clothes with light colors. 
4 -Jeans trousers widening is the best in the event of your choice of pants and the general  jeans is the best, because the pregnancy of the child displays your clothes to break the fast and cloth jeans, linen does not affect the break-up 

5 -Likes to give up here wearing waist belts because they are no properly and that many move spoil the shape and change the place and may even drop the belt without you feel it, It is better to close your clothes by acetic appropriate for the size of your waist because the fasteners may be exposed to the open without the feel of.

Valentines day styles and clothes 2012

The red with all each color degrees is a wonderful of the fiery to the dark italics to pink, all the title of one story, namely, love of life, luxury and glamor noisy. It Red more colors bold and attractive and the power to influence others as it is the color brings life to the journal must be of the acquisition, whether through dress long or short or even a shoe or bag, especially in the Valentine Day festival so what will you going to wear in valentines day? In each year, and in these times is seeking international fashion houses to provide the latest innovations to meet the wishes of the women in the show and appearing most beautiful look and finest elegance and attractive as they receives the Valentine even if you wear  Hijab and who wear a long Muslim dresses These are some of the most important ideas that are keen fashion experts to provide it.

Lhasa Away famous pantalon

Uniforms Christian Dior brand the French most famous international brands dazzling and distinctive and varied always for the season Spring Summer 2012 Designer World John Galliano months designer house Dior collection inspired by the sailors were taken CCAMLR fishermen and a sea captain donned Cape White with blue in many designs and find the most important characteristic of the collection is dresses varied between long and short, which overcome the supply and crews, consisting of Jacket and shorts or trousers and still Trousers Lhasa Away famous pantalons for fishermen found as for fabrics and materials used, we find crepe carved flowers organza and ribbons and silk crepe, chiffon and Lahasa and colors spring from white, blue and turquoise, red and orange and purple, yellow and saving and the syphilis.


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