Monday, 30 April 2012

Tips for summer wear hijab

The women who wear Hijab in the summer clothes of a special character so as not to cause illnesses are in need.
1 -Choose 100% cotton clothing, which does not enter by any other material that may affect the skin, because with the summer and high air temperature increases the secretion of sweat especially for the large number of veiled wear the clothes.
2 Took into account that your clothes are loose, especially if the design were not cotton, so as not to cause friction to clothing your skin diseases You are in quite indispensable.
3 -The Hijab should wear cotton under bandana the Hijab on the head to absorbs sweat until the scalp, not dandruff befallen you, which appear frequently in the summer.
4 -Prefer not to resort to scarfs in the summer so as not to feel warmly over the air, as well as in the case the stretch body can be replaced
Wrist canvas.
5 -Must be your underwear cotton completely, especially those wearing while you are away from home, and finally rejected to be made ​​of other materials so as not to any skin infections.
6 -Stay away as possible from the colored underwear or take change color, because with the mixed race may stain your skin and cause to be overly sensitive.

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