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The right way to choose your Hijab

Every woman is seeking to sparkle and elegance in its appearance, so they follow strictly high fashion and keep pace with each new. Women veiled a large share in this field, particularly that the veil is a crown of overlooking and through him you can draw attention and express her personality freely. However, what many were ignorant of the process of selecting a veil of its assets, rules that must be considered, and the part of the logic and the other part of taste and personality.

Every woman is seeking to sparkle and elegance in its appearance, so they follow strictly high fashion and keep pace with each new. Women veiled a large share in this field, particularly that the veil is a crown of overlooking and through him you can draw attention and express her personality freely. However, what many were ignorant of the process of selecting a veil of its assets, rules that must be considered, and the part of the logic and the other part of taste and personality.

Between gentlemen and carvedCarved base and Gentlemen, the most important things that must be taken into account when developing the veil. That do not need to time or cost, but for taste only. This method appears strongly in the fashion and elegance of veiled women, when wearing a veiled T-shirt inscribed, no matter how these inscriptions large or small, color or two colors or many colors, the right choice for this piece is to wear hijab head pillow with a one color line with this piece. Even if the piece in several colors, you can choose any color of these colors to be a color that depends on the cover of the head. And vice versa, when you wear the clothes in one color, the choice of headdress carved more than color, one color of clothing, will give a distinctive panoramic. It is equivalent to the Balsabh not and never can be achieved easily, multiple choices and can play them according to your taste in proportion to the change of seasons and seasons.In the world of colors and secrets

 Attractive colorsIf you love her personality to draw attention strongly, just go about your headscarf in attractive colors, and Kalahmr bright violet and yellow eyes that captivate. This marks a strong and soft at the same time reflect a combination attracts special attention.
Quiet colorsIf you are not her character classical modernity in Thbven headscarf, you can move towards the use of quiet colors and cool colors Kalabad and beige and pink and light blue and the other of these gradients.
Striking colorsthe Hijab colors  flagrant personal daring and adventure, the daring hijab you can go about striking colors is far from calm and bright red Kallon Tbainath strong, yellow, blue, indigo, and purple strong and green. In general, the hot colors more exciting than cold colors. Always remember that hot colors have a direct impact on our emotions, while cold colors Vetofr a sense of calm

Boots and tall boots interest

The best protection from the cold season in the fall and winter, not only to wear a jacket in all weather conditions but also to wear a Boot stylish and practical by details such as boot of fur patterned and striped or snakeskin appearance powers of buckles and heels can bot that replaces Shoes Evening All forms and models bots since it was a boot Classic format is used only for equestrian even entered the wool and lace and crocheted fashion bots who became the fashion all winter for all times and events.

Long and soft hair

Longer hair soft and is the most beautiful forms of poetry, especially in oriental society and worthy of most faces and fit work by most of the layoffs and haircuts, not all of us to create hair soft, or could even begin to maintain the smoothness of his hair with the air brutal, sun, pollution and lack of vitamins and water, creating hair dry Haich and wavy and the solution work hover or iron henna or individual, or keratin mostly means may enter chemistry that affect the hair later but the use of natural materials and the work of masks and baths cream and hair oil at home is one of the most important things that have a good effect on the hair even after the departure of the results desired for that offer some natural recipes for silky smooth hair.

Assets of a makeup day in the winter

Makeup winter is more fortunate than makeup summer due to the absence of problems of heat and humidity, which affect the beauty makeup and borke it quickly so the skin in winter keeps the make-up as long as possible the morning and could therefore be a makeup free because it will not be affected quickly by factors atmosphere of Foreign Affairs and makeup for the day in the winter, specifically his rules and principles and always be different from the makeup for the day at other times of the year in the winter we put a cream or powder retains the beauty of your face all the time, not absorbed by the skin.

Clothes for the pregnant women 2012 and for pregnant women in evenings 2012

For a pregnant woman the right to be pretty stylish at all times, in events and associated with pregnancy wear loose and baggy at any time and to refrain from pants jeans and evening gowns holograms but fashion experts and styles  quite Pregnancy stage beautiful in the life of any woman should stand out fashionable and the beauty of her stomach is pregnant and Defoe defect in the body must hide as we do for those who have big stomach emergence in the abdomen as a result of obesity and excess weight and fat.

Guide fashion in the spring and summer fashion for 2012

The title of this season is the simplicity and femininity as there is a combination of madness and fantasy and sobriety Vmodh inspired by the legacy aristocrat classical heritage and some of the street culture and the fantasy of youth and sober clothes marked by fashion spring and summer in general to return to fashion the sixties and seventies and into the world of disco parties propaganda bright colors and sharp lines and haircuts Mini that were prevalent in that era of time and history is interesting for tissue silk colored tropical as well as cotton fabrics soft endeavors, the morning and tissue the dantela and chiffon for the endeavors, the evening was dominated by the colors spring and summer euphoric like a flower, yellow, green, glowing, blue enamel

How to choose the right jeans for your body in summer

How to choose the right jeans for your body in summer:

 Tips and advice expert appearance styles Joel Mardinian on how to choose women's Jeans forms and colors of different manner to separate for the summer and fashion styles and colors of the summer of 2012 and how to choose what suits each girl depending on her body should choose jeans that hides the imperfections of your body and shows you more graceful and attractive, and how to choose accessories that are in line with jeans and shoes to look more elegant with the reviewed various forms of jeans can be worn as appropriate in the morning and evening, and generally in summer, you should choose jeans with a soft texture and to avoid the thick of it and choose light colors.

Tips of how to make sure from the quality of the clothes

1-Marks may be difficulties in the first instance in textiles marked by the touch of some factors Kalnauma and warmth, even if you are able to feel and touch of warmth and softness judgment shall not be valid for the first time.


2 -Can distinguish between tissue harm, by constipation Bavh between forefinger and thumb with the rubbing cloth in the direction of length and then in the direction of motion and in each time ask yourself about the usability of the heathen, and whether the degree of warmth if the praise or the tint on the skin and the degree of smoothness and refinement, and the growing sense of Touch your exercise and frequent observation.

3 -Burning cloth quickly notes that less than when burning natural silk and gives a strong odor of burning hair and the remaining ash tends to be brown and resin in the form of balls along the charred party.

4 -Meanwhile Alttnair also can touch the cloth and see softness, warmth and durability and the extent of its ability to bend and break and the tissues can be used in the linen and woolen skirts
5 -To distinguish between cotton and linen touch note that linen is usually smooth but not silky natural or artificial it is often hard and sometimes with a feel of my skin, and gives a cooler and a little flexibility, and often used in Taarat summer or spring, and the cotton is usually the exception type editor sleek but softer and not to the cooler and more flexible 

6 -To distinguish between the appearance of textiles by the eye must be insightful and usually naked eye can distinguish between different materials in case of severity of the growing tide of more than one from the same cloth.

Pretty Asian fashion tended many Saudi women

Tended many Saudi women to wear fashion and accessories of India and China, where many of them became keen on wearing the traditional Chinese outfit called Angchuang, as many prefer Indian lines in fashion, which became her international fame.The Member of the Faculty of Home Economics at King Abdul-Aziz al-Dabbagh said Dr. Zeinab fashion Southeast Asia in general has moved across the world to the Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, where women have always loved to wear clothes of different shapes and races.

And showed that influenced fashion Arabia fashion world is, and Astdlt that clothes tribe war, the clothes borrowed largely from the dress of China, where the features of this dress very much like a dress of China, in addition to the form of the belt, noting that the tribe war origins Yemen, the tribe has been affected by this outfit to the proximity of China and the Far East.And demonstrated by Dr. Skinner to Fashion Saudi Arabia was very impressed with fashion the different and diverse in the world, and this confirms the communication and interaction between cultures and convergence, indicating that the western region of the Kingdom of the place included many of the cultures varied, by virtue of a meeting of pilgrims from all parts of the earth in the holy places, which led to the long history and culture these peoples and civilizations to the people of the kingdom, in this place Vetoagd Muslims from all corners of the globe, from India, Iran, Turkey, China, Bukhara, etc., not only to communicate only at the borders of fashion, but vulnerable to food and accessories included, and some cultures.And felt the lecture, Faculty of Economics, Jeddah and designed accessories Laila Al-Ghamdi in the direction of Saudi women to dress the Chinese-oriented colors characteristic of the uniform of China, which includes bright red and turquoise, yellow, indicating that these colors are lovely ladies Saudi women, as it is associated also with fashion Arabia, which includes the groups of colors .

Said Al-Ghamdi, "Saudi women are the colors of bold colors, and you're looking for in fashion, in addition to a fashion comfortable and loose, and there, including sizes of all sizes, and confirmed by the idea of ​​the spread of cultures, and affected to each other, where not only vulnerable only on fashion, but included accessories and a comb of China, and the gang, the Chinese made of wood, which is used for the hair soft, long, and we find many of the accessories of wood engravings, drawings and letters tray, which you find in great demand among young women who accept to wear this accessory, and that this civilization reached a henna entered into by the Chinese characters and many of the artifacts, medals and comments that are decorated with the letters and symbols that carry philosophy and Chinese culture, and loves many of the ladies to decorate their homes Balxssuarat Chinese colors and materials of wood distinctive Amutairaal made of iron, which is inscribed with Chinese characters, "she said, adding that civilization Chinese also entered in the forms of curved shoes of the imam, as well as bags that carried the touches of Chinese character.Said Al-Ghamdi said Saudi women prefer to renewal on a permanent basis, and searching for beauty and excellence, with the aim of renewal, not to blind imitation, indicating that the evolution of media and communications has contributed greatly to know Saudi women to different civilizations, and in the development of a culture of Saudi women in fashion and to report on all these cultures.

She designed Samar Abugleh Arabia, "Saudi women are affected by different cultures and fashion has become so prevalent a feature, not on Saudi women, but women are affected by notice in all parts of the world and in the Gulf countries and diverse cultures of different."And Abugleh shown that the development of Saudi dress, and the collection of ideas among the many cultures, and said that this development could become the Saudi outfit to a global fashion, and is worn all over the world.


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