Monday, 30 April 2012

Proper storage for clothes and pantalon

Proper storage of clothes and pantalons before the summer needs to be simple things you can take to keep up the quality of your clothes 
1 - clothing store bags and even games that can put your all, including some special flowers or envelopes that prevent rot, as well as you can that the authors of black pepper only a few seeds between the clothes moth away and cloves 
2 -Application and the suspension of his clothes in the art of Treasury assets and has another with skirts as well as some clothes each type separately making it easier for you to get a fantastic form and space and do not forget the finest form more splendid, if two layers of clothing as well as uniform and also the wide area
3 -To forget that to cover the clothes with a plastics and if you do not have laundry bags are great for clothing store that you wanna If you have a reservoir you use is not 

4 -Canvas shelves and a wonderful time of the divided storage and lingerie In it you can use them convenience and ease of use all well
5 -If you keep your clothing, pantalon and bedspreads you can pull the air vacuumed to keep it of course, smell and shape after washing and dry full or keep it in plastic bags
6 -It can also put your cardboard between the clothing to help them out in time of need.

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