Sunday, 29 April 2012

Tips of how to make sure from the quality of the clothes

1-Marks may be difficulties in the first instance in textiles marked by the touch of some factors Kalnauma and warmth, even if you are able to feel and touch of warmth and softness judgment shall not be valid for the first time.


2 -Can distinguish between tissue harm, by constipation Bavh between forefinger and thumb with the rubbing cloth in the direction of length and then in the direction of motion and in each time ask yourself about the usability of the heathen, and whether the degree of warmth if the praise or the tint on the skin and the degree of smoothness and refinement, and the growing sense of Touch your exercise and frequent observation.

3 -Burning cloth quickly notes that less than when burning natural silk and gives a strong odor of burning hair and the remaining ash tends to be brown and resin in the form of balls along the charred party.

4 -Meanwhile Alttnair also can touch the cloth and see softness, warmth and durability and the extent of its ability to bend and break and the tissues can be used in the linen and woolen skirts
5 -To distinguish between cotton and linen touch note that linen is usually smooth but not silky natural or artificial it is often hard and sometimes with a feel of my skin, and gives a cooler and a little flexibility, and often used in Taarat summer or spring, and the cotton is usually the exception type editor sleek but softer and not to the cooler and more flexible 

6 -To distinguish between the appearance of textiles by the eye must be insightful and usually naked eye can distinguish between different materials in case of severity of the growing tide of more than one from the same cloth.

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